Pokemon GO

The all-new augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, is on its way! Below is a small collection of teaser-style advertising to build up excitement for the game that will change the way Poke-fans everywhere see the world.

This simple print ad shows the transition of Pikachu, the face of the games, from his 2-D world into our 3-D one.

Pokemon Go2

Inspired by the Pokemon TV show, this outdoor advertisement features a large cut-out of a mystery Pokemon from the back. The back of the display also includes the Pokemon’s name when viewers reach a close enough distance, along with some brief information about the coming game. The front of the cut-out reveals the appearance of the Pokemon.

Pokemon cut-outs would be placed only in appropriate locations. For example, this grass type can only be found in a grass-covered area.

Outdoor PokemonGO

This digital display ad shows the iconic introduction scene from every hand-held Pokemon game. The twist here is that the dialogue is a shout-out for Pokemon GO. With this string of advertisements, nostalgia is key.Display Ad-Teaser Pokemon Go