Proving a Pointe

As a former dancer with an athletic build, I cannot help but be incredibly inspired by Professional Ballerina Misty Copeland, and thus, a blog post is a must. Misty has become an important icon to both the dance and fitness industries with her one-of-a-kind background story and admirable physique.

Copeland is currently sponsored by the well-known athletic brand Under Armour, and can be seen en pointe in the minute-long commercial that hits quite close to home for any viewers who battle with body insecurities or self-doubt.

As her story goes, Misty was told countless times that her body was simply not right for ballet. With her compact, muscular frame, Copeland has the body of a true athlete or even a bodybuilder. Thousands of women are openly envious of her toned and curvaceous figure. Sadly, though, the ballet world remains extremely traditional and is primarily supportive of a lean, long and caucasian dancer. Despite what statistics and numerous judges have had to say to her, Copeland earned herself a position performing in the American Ballet Theatre.

Aside from holding the title of ABT’s first African-American soloist in over two decades, Misty Copeland has promoted the acceptance of a strong, muscular female body. She has made it OK for women in even the most graceful careers to prove that they are so much more than a soft and delicate being. Being strong and looking strong are not traits women should be ashamed of, and the fact that Misty Copeland is so admired and adored for having those traits is proof.

I have so much to gain from athletes such as Misty because she has proven to the world that strength and determination, rather than measuring up to society’s standards, are what ultimately bring us success.

From the retired blog “P.S. I Love Fitness”